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Mouth Protectors FAQ

Athletic mouth protectors are comprised of soft plastic. They come in a standard or custom fit to adapt comfortably to the upper teeth.
Mouth guards protect the teeth from possible sport injuries. They also protect the lips, cheeks, tongue and jaw bones. Most injuries occur to the mouth and head area when a child is not wearing a mouth guard.
Your child should wear a mouth guard while playing any sports based activity where there is a risk of head, face or neck injury. Such sports include hockey, soccer, karate, basketball, baseball, skating, skateboarding, as well as many other sports. Most oral injuries occur when children play basketball, baseball and soccer.

Choose a mouth guard that is comfortable for your child. If a mouth guard feels bulky or interferes with speech, then it is probably not appropriate for your child.

There are many options when choosing a mouth guard. Usually found in athletic stores, mouth guards vary in comfort, protection, and cost. The least expensive tend to be the least effective in preventing oral injuries. Customized mouth guards can be provided through our practice.

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